Crystal Growing

The company has equipment and expertise in growing Germanium monocrystalline using the Czochralski method with a diameter of up to 402 mm!!!

We do lot’s of special crystals including small ones on our EKZ CGS-Lab.


PVA EKZ 2700 – 4 units 

The equipment makes it possible to grow Germanium monocrystals of different orientations with specified electrical properties (conductivity type, electrical resistivity) in a wide range of diameters.

ParametersMonocrystallinePolycrystallineMethod of measurement
Conductivity typeN; PNThermoelectric effect
DopantSb; Ga
Orientation[111]; [110]; [100]; [110]; [211];[100+6°→111]± 20’; any others on requestX-ray diffraction
Resistivity, Ohm*cm5-40; 5-20; 8-16; 2-5; any others on requestFour point probe
Transmission46% min in the wave length range 3-10 μm (for 10 mm thick polished sample)46% min in the wave length range 3-10 μm (for 10 mm thick polished sample)IR Fourier spectroscopy

Crystal growing process

Removing the finished crystal from the growing furnace

Growing area

General view of the growing area/EKZ 2700 control panel

We have grown large-sized crystals reaching 400+ mm in diameter, and have developed a technology for producing low-dislocation crystals.

All the crystals are stress annealed and checked with an X-ray as well as for transmission % by default. NO sudden cracks on further processing, polishing or lens mounting.  

With our material you are all settled for achieving your goals, not studying textbooks on material science. We know what you need – we successfully work in this field for 18 years!

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