EPI-ready Substrates

The chemical-mechanical polishing area is located in an ISO 5 class clean room, equipped with high-precision equipment and designed for single-sided chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) of Germanium wafers.
The processing technology makes it possible to obtain EPI-Ready substrates suitable for the subsequent epitaxy process. With a roughness (Ra) of less than 0.5 nm!
The safety of the processed surface is secured through individual packaging of the substrates in ESD bags filled with purified Argon.

Mechanical polishing of germanium wafers
The operator prepares to enter an ISO-5 class clean room in compliance with the requirements of the procedure for putting on special technological clothing
Equipment for chemical-mechanical polishing and washing of germanium wafers
The process of chemical-mechanical polishing of germanium wafers
Washing and measurement of EPI-ready germanium substrates
An EPI-ready substrate, placed in a special plastic case, is being packaged in an ESD bag filled with purified Argon
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