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Germanium and Applications

The company operates in the market of materials and chemical products used in high-tech applications in IR-optics, opto-electronics, electronics and solar energy. Being one of the largest Russian manufacturers of Germanium blanks and components for optics and electronics, the company is constantly improving its production technologies and working on the development of new products and materials. Our main priorities are the fastest lead-time on market, highest quality of our products, an individual approach for our clients.

Our mission

Provide best electronics and optics materials, with expertise included.


Years of Experience

Germanium and Applications

Our main asset is not a germanium mine, but a team of our employees

We are proud of our technicians with long-term expertise and profound knowledge in the production and precision processing of optical materials.
A team of sales managers always seeks the best options for each request. We love our customer and guarantees a fastest reply possible. Within 8 hours. We aim to provide our clients with customized solutions give a hint on cost reduction for long-term projects, consult on further processing.

Germanium and Applications

Manufacturing Capabilities

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Germanium and Applications

Manufacturing Capabilities

Germanium Polycrystalline zone refined

Guaranteed to exceed 47 Ω*cm n-type over the whole length at 20 ± 0.5 °C by the 2-point probe method (ASTM F48-93) and thermoelectric probe method (ASTM F42-93-A) on the bottom surface of the ingot
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Crystal Growing

The company has equipment and expertise in growing Germanium monocrystalline using the Czochralski method.

Crystal Growing System
EKZ 2700 – 4 sets
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Surface generation

It is possible to produce blanks for plano-convex, plano-concave, biconvex, biconcave, convex-concave lenses, aspherical lenses, domes and hyper-hemispheres.
Processable materials:
Optical glasses
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EPI-ready Substrates

The chemical-mechanical polishing area is located in an ISO 5 class clean room, equipped with high-precision equipment and designed for single-sided chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) of Germanium wafers
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Germanium tetrachloride for Optical Fibers

GeCl4 for optical fiber production site
Custom basic 2-columns rectification unit made of borosilicate glass (QVF brand) Custom distillation unit made of borosilicate glass (QVF brand). Thermochlorination unit Final 2-columns rectification unit made of borosilicate glass (QVF brand)
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Camera lens assembly

Germanium and Applications

Our team

chief executive officer
Aleksandr Bushev
chief development officer
Anna Telegina
chief commercial officer
Maria Sokolova
head of logistics
Erlan Khamzin
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